A poet’s heart

So you want to be a poet? Perhaps to entice a lover with sweet words spun as amber honey from lips yearning to articulate what is sensed, deep within … Maybe you pine for those bygone days of youth when it seemed facile to dream carefully crafted words onto onion skin purchased at the stationer’s, pungent with smells of ink and hardwood and all that lovely linen paper …

Perhaps that trip alone invoked a writer’s sensibilities – small reminisces often waft from the olfactory senses, imprinting themselves onto folds of the cortex, registering pleasure which then might express itself freely from the feeling center of the human heart …

Like new textbooks or the smell of library stacks, we ache to summon that which has gone missing when laptop replaces pencil and page, where thumbing through the tissue pages of Roget’s is supplanted by the virtual thesaurus …

The armor we don in order to interface with a world gone mad will have to be shed if we truly seek the beloved within – we must doff layer after layer of superficial skin until, more naked than the newly born, one stands starkly before the mirror of the self, trembling with vulnerability.

It is only from this place of utter defenselessness that we are guileless enough to summon and heed the muse, without whom we are hapless poets indeed. Thus take care in the asking, for once down the rabbit hole, the journey will most assuredly commence, consummating in what we cannot know nor would wish to control – consuming all and restoring us to ourselves, renewed.

image: eastsidepatch.com

5 thoughts on “A poet’s heart

  1. And where does the rabbit hole lead, pray? Oh, the courage it takes to go down it, utterly defenceless! Does it lead to the culmination of all that the muse is meant to reveal?

    Your words give me the shivers of the good kind, Bela!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Priya. We never really know where that journey will take us, do we? Though certainly it is compelling, exciting, adventurous – sometimes we love it, other times it leads to frustration when there seems to be static ‘on the line.’

      Best of luck with your writing, Priya! (And if you’re not Priya – check out this gal’s work – she is truly amazing!)

  2. My goodness, Bela… this is an amazing post. I can see that I will have to linger here for some time to absorb all the enlightening words that await my eyes… but then… what better thing would I have to do from deep in the rabbit hole…
    Thank you so much for sharing with us…

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