politically incorrect

The deranged machine mind, awash in

images, manically sorting through

veils of illusion like multicolored costumes –

None that fit.


Letting out seams,

taking in threads –

changing little.


Polymorphously perverse,

exiguously running amok –

Chaos birthing Creation,

if not imminent, is







old and new –

Worlds colliding on an

untested bridge uncontested –

willingness bordering on



One thought on “politically incorrect

  1. By way of explanation: I wrote this today while pondering American politics and the ongoing denial of our critical responsibility as a nation regarding our massive global impact (ecology, economy, et al) – especially after reading the paper yesterday and, in response to a public hearing on a plastic bag ban, an elected official stating that if we support the ban, we are impinging upon others’ civil liberties (is he kidding? “life, liberty and the pursuit of” … plastic?). With an upcoming election year, depend on it being the same old circus – clowns just changing costumes. I would love to say I’m becoming less cynical with age, but in fact this is sadly not the case.

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