Dancing with Life

It has taken me awhile to grow up. At almost sixty, I have more patience, forbearance for myself as well as others, and a lot less emotional baggage. If innocence is blissful ignorance, I’m not sure I would have been better off any other way. Lessons learned have been hard won, each containing threads that have woven themselves into the fabric of daily existence.

It’s easy to look back and say if I only knew then what I now know. Perhaps it would be true that we would have experienced less pain, taught our children better, caused less strife for others. Then again, I’m not sure. If we had a firm basis in comprehending all the opportunities that life has brought to our door by now, perhaps we would not have met our kind lovers, beloved children, our good friends. Likewise our adversaries, who have shaped us more than we yet realize into the wise elders we are becoming, might have possessed even more difficult attributes.

If there is harmony in the universal order of things, if planets track in orbit and clouds still precipitate rain, doubtless there exists purpose in the dance that’s been orchestrated since before we were born. And it will continue once we are gone. Players gather onto the board of life like filings turning into eyebrows or a mustache on the face of a child’s magnetic toy tablet. We gather together in order to discover and learn from one another, because learning together is somehow integral to the scheme of things. We don’t coexist with seven billion other human beings and countless other species because we are meant to go it alone. Nor do we exist in a vacuum. The push and pull of daily living assures us that life is either a cruel joke or an opportunity to gain knowledge, awareness and ultimately wisdom to share with those still imprisoned within unyielding mental and/or situational  constructs.

The way we embrace or reject experiences ultimately determines our character. How we treat other sentient beings determines our karma. At least that’s how I perceive it, and from where I sit, I reserve the right to be completely wrong.


4 thoughts on “Dancing with Life

    1. Aloha and thanks so much for your kind comment. Went to your blog as well, nice job, and realized you’re at NCNM? My daughter’s at OCOM! Six degrees of separation (unity!?) and all that … anyhow, cheers!

  1. “… learning together is somehow integral to the scheme of things.” How very true, Bela.

    You may reserve the right to be wrong, but here, you are are absolutely spot on. It is only when we are willing to learn and appreciate the dance, will we enjoy the intended harmony.

    Your posts can well be a person’s daily dose of goodness. Thank you!

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