If I Wanted

If I wanted right now I could ask. And you would, no excuses. If I wanted.

If I asked, you would drop the tool from your hands, help me gather debris hacked from our jungle yard – not complaining.

It is not that you lack direction, far from it. Not that your life is so dependent upon mine – as quietly you sit, strumming guitar, serenading dogs lying sprawled in hot sun.

What it speaks to is the quality of person that you are, wholly magnanimous, completely selfless, unfailing.

What it means, dear purveyor of patience, disciple to the sect of loving freedom – is that any would fall short, if compared.

But we do not make comparisons. Morning spins its web into evening, weeks furrow into years, and life will extinguish far too quickly to gain meaning more gratifying than our daytime patter and rituals of the night. And so we slumber, gathering into one another, dreaming in tandem and rising to the urgency of yet another dawn.



8 thoughts on “If I Wanted

    1. Aloha Jill: thanks so much for taking the time to comment, and for your kind words. No, I have not written a book of creative work, though I’ve been published writing for my profession (see my website belajohnson.com/articles). I’ve had this question asked before and an elder friend demands it (!), but right now I don’t have a ‘collection,’ as such, that would coalesce into a theme. I just love to write, need to write these days – thus the blogging. Perhaps one day it will all make sense to tie it all together in bound form, so to speak. Anyhow, glad to have you visit – come again!

  1. This is what I want to say, too “your words flow like silk.” I’ve been wanting to say this for a long time, but didn’t have the right expression for it. So, I thank Jill for saying what I’ve been wanting to. Your works are poetry, Bela.

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