Friends and Companions

I am a lover of history when it comes to people, a determined sustainer of relationships. I look forward to nurturing and maintaining these dear connections.

I love the lines in your face, the liquid sparkle in your eyes when you smile. I love that you do not shift your eyes when speaking to me – it makes me trust you, even if we have just met. I am moved when you confide your secrets and your sorrows, for it is then we share in a profound vulnerability.

I know that water over the dam is deep stuff if we can swim in it. With time comes the occasional misunderstanding. Personalities clash, egos get bruised. Picking up the pieces affirms our faith in one another’s goodness. Without adversity, we never leave the shallows of the heart, fearing the depths. And I love swimming in deep water – it’s where I get to glimpse the extraordinary.

For all my friends who still look at success through a financial lens or in terms of sheets that never cool, I am conversely deeply, soulfully nurtured by those shining links in my chain of companions – dear ones who push the boundaries of comfort, who search, soar and free-fall, who seek to forgive and be forgiven. And although I am a lifelong questioner of beliefs either fed to me or absorbed through thin skin, I realize many simply cannot continually hold their belief structures to the light, fearing collapse of the shaky foundation upon which they stand.

That box you live in might be comforting in its familiarity, but it also stunts your growth.

I watch with sadness as that light in your eyes morphs to a Stepford glow and eventually extinguishes. And though bearing witness to death of the spirit deepens my compassion, I find it difficult swimming through grass and rushes and murky water. I mourn the dimming of your soul.

15 thoughts on “Friends and Companions

  1. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and thoughts in this post. I love it and more importantly can relate to it very well. Warmest Wishes Belas. !!!


  2. Oh Bela. I am crying. And it’s all your fault. This is so heart wrenching. I cannot look beyond I mourn the dimming of your soul. Why must we subject our souls to defeat?

    The first paragraph is beautiful in a heartwarming way. Telling you just so you don’t think I am a mere cry-baby…


    1. Priya, I myself am prone to tears at most anything that touches me. I’m moved that you find this post engages you in a similar fashion.

      I guess we subject our souls to defeat so we know what triumph is, though it is heart-wrenching for me when witnessing another go through this kind of torment.

      All part of the human experience – no doubt teaching us, if we are willing to be open to it, the gifts of patience, tolerance, kindliness and compassion. Love.

      Thanks for coming by, Priya. Blessings to you.


  3. Hi sweet wise Bela…Been poking around your Blog a bit tonight….your writing just never ceases to come right on in and deeply speak to me…I always feel a gentle undercurrent of wowowowow as I read your words…just words we can all use but your particular word juxtapositionings: Ahhhhh!
    Thank you…


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