• Dragon year begins on the run – guests arrive in a taxi two days before the calendar turns. To city folk, this fails to raise eyebrows. In a world of island living however, paying $140 for cab fare seems a bit insane. We are located an hour from the airport and deliver explicit instructions to all guests far ahead of arrival. This couple waits to make plans, five thousand miles from home. No rental cars are available on touchdown in Kona; there is a PGA tour in town. The following day I transport them 2-1/2 hours across the island to Hilo to land a car, as they’ll be here for two weeks and will need one. My battery dies after dropping them off. Long story with the best possible outcome: helpful people, speedy service, great value.
  • Next day, other guests materialize unexpectedly. I somehow forget to place them in my computer calendar, and suspect syncing up is a technology I need to embrace. Great chat with both daughters – the grace of a day now history.
  • Awaken at 3 a.m. on The Day of the Dragon with so much to do, it is wise to begin. Letting dogs out, I settle into the morning’s email. Our little cattle dog’s howl starts me to my feet; after all we have four guests next door who likely appreciate their vacation rest. In comes the pack, fresh from flushing out mongoose and such. The stench on the small one is unbearable, and into the shower she goes, as I strive not to awaken Chris who will have a full day himself. The four leaf clover in this day follows:
  • Two calls from our realtor in the past two days produces two house showings: one new, one for the second time. Today and tomorrow, though our guest house is full and will, of necessity, be on display. Perfectionism is out the window before it constellates into mist, never mind raining down upon me. There is no time for it to appear on my mental horizon. Kismet.

How much wiggle room exists within the confines of human skin? Dragon must be testing this, as I sprout wings or webs or land to grip earth with clawed feet. Dancing with the Dragon is bound to be challenging, and I’d best be ready. Along with kinesthetically acquiring sensible limits, there is also the making of choices based more on discernment than being carried aloft on impulse. And grounding – the need to root firmly to the planet even as my mind whizzes off in ten directions at once.

Knowing the boundaries of flesh instructs, even as it produces anguish in a mind conditioned to extremes of self discipline or flights of fancy. Yet simply labeling a proclivity as rashness or immaturity removes me from the experience of it. Muscles hold memories of fight or flight; of shortening and lengthening. If I diminish the importance of my body’s ability to carry me through this life, I fail to acknowledge how and what it synapses to the brain. This negates my ability to register and recall feelings and sense impressions which prevent me from making the same mistakes over again.

Oh, Dragon – I suspect you are here to teach me more than I know. I won’t forget to continue searching for the jewel hidden under every stone – of the blessing inherent in each challenge. I welcome you!


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