Techno Failure

Currently my husband and I are in escrow on our lovely historic property and home we brought back from the dead in 2006-09. If I miss one of my two regular posts in the next week or three, please forgive me. I’ll be back on track very soon!



We are indeed fortunate to have discovered a wonderful retreat for rent almost directly up the hill from our current location until we can get our bearings and decide what the next move will be. The three dogs have three fenced acres in the trees, and we will again enjoy privacy. The house is a designer’s creation, though not entirely practical, as such structures can be. But it will be a fun place to live, tucked up in the ironwoods in the interim – with nice ocean and Maui views. Meanwhile I am reminded of the last time we were in an all-electric kitchen – and this is what I wrote back at that time:

I should bend to technology, thrill to the clink of a perfectly planed pot belly flopping onto glass surface illuminated by orange spirals of heat. Instead I long for blue fire, the sizzle of condensation kissing a living flame; yearn to heft cast iron onto burner grate – vessels requiring careful washing, swipe of olive oil – surfaces pitted like basalt from generations of honest service. 

Who seeks to improve upon what is serviceable? If electricity were generated cleanly, I would understand and support such technology. But here in Hawaii, an over-reliance on oil is fortunately bringing this shortfall to the public’s attention, and the hope is that, instead of the truckloads of eucalpytus forest being leveled to ship to O’ahu for burning, we will continue developing the abundant natural and renewable resources of solar, wind, waves and geothermal energy available right here on the Big Island.


new Kona Civic Center

10 thoughts on “Techno Failure

    1. Thanks so much, Celia! After assessing more carefully what we’ll have to do to get the rental house ready to move into (including fencing in an area for the dogs due to the boundary fences being too iffy for them – wild pigs have had their way …), your encouragement falls on grateful ears.


  1. There seems to be a rather mysterious synchronicity in our lives, for I too am on the move. I am wishing you peace, and contentment, and cold dog noses whenever you need a lift.


    1. Thanks sweetie! Yes, many I know are on the move these days – lots of changes afoot! May you too experience contentment and a feeling of right-ness in your own transition. And a few dog noses when you need them! 😀


  2. Bela!

    Still haven’t called. Jim and I are both thrilled for you and Chris. The big move, and just up the road. All will go swimmingly — mucho aloha!


    1. Thanks so much, Shakti! Have been without internet at home for days now, and can’t wait to get back to regular posting and keeping up with our great WordPress community! 😀


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