Ahhh … The Light!

I’ve discovered the best synonym for light is magic. For years I would talk with artist friends who would exclaim, eyes flashing, “Oh, but the light!”

This always confounded me. I couldn’t imagine what they were talking about. Light was light enough, and dark was too dark to see well. And then there were simply those times in nature when I felt as though I had entered another dimension – a world fit for sprites. I felt so small, and all was wonder and delight. Undulating aurora borealis! Shafts of sunshine streaming through the forest canopy! Morning dew transforming young eucalyptus leaves into the most extraordinary shade of aquamarine! Beams of glittering gold penetrating the depths of the sea just as a giant manta unfurls its massive wings and glides on by! Of course what made all the difference was the quality of the light, but somehow my racing mind didn’t draw that particular conclusion.

Digital changed my life. Film was just too frightening for a frugal little perfectionist. If I couldn’t get the shot just right, my inclination was to forget it altogether. Then my daughter gifted me with a sweet little Kodak digital, my first – and eight years later, I purchased a Nikkon Coolpix. I began taking pictures again.

Now I take hundreds of shots on my Android phone and load up my Dropbox. I don’t know if I’ll ever go through them all, and sometimes I despair that I hadn’t taken the Nikkon along. But the file size on the phone camera is just right – I don’t have to worry about waiting forever for images to download onto my computer. Ah, the simple pleasures.

Which brings me into the light, so to speak. The other night I took the dogs for a hike down by the shore, about an hour before sunset. And oh, god, the light – the light! It was just about as enchanting as anything could be:

All shots taken with my LG Thrive phone. Imagine if I had had a “decent” camera … 😉

10 thoughts on “Ahhh … The Light!

    1. That is something, coming from you, Ms. C! I so admire your photography – and of course you know from my comments I thought it was ‘the camera!’ But on reflection, I realize you get up early in the morning for many of these shots, and capture that essence of light I have so come to love. Thanks for the tip! 😉


      1. It is true, most of my images are early morning or late afternoon, i took a shot of Queenie so early this morning that she is blue.. speaking of which I should go and let those cows in, i am sure they have had enough rain for the day.. love love c


      2. Haha 😉 Glad you are getting some rain, though! It’s weird here on the island – up on the mountain where it’s usually and always emerald green (NZ green, you know?) it’s dry as a bone. Here at 300′ elevation, we’re getting rain every night and morning. Green/green. Five miles down the road to the west where we used to live, DRY. Amazing. And love love back to you, prairie gal!


    1. How interesting, Shakti – you always do have the most insightful takes on things! And though your interpretation was not my express intention in writing the piece, you are absolutely correct in your assessment! In my view, anyway 😉


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