love, more or less

image: Henri de Toulouse-Latrec<br />poem: Bela Johnson

Passion splits skin like

an overripe melon

straining its boundaries –

Daring to go beyond


what’s safe.

Comfort assumes new meaning,

reaches deeper –

until again, it stretches.

And what once exhausted

now sets the tone

for beginning anew.

Unzipping skin

in unabashed nakedness –

standing or lying

or sitting before another

like a well-polished mirror –

a little too frank,

yet one cannot look away.

Hot breath steams it over

momentarily, only to resolve

into palpable dampness –

running from the glass

like beads of sweat

flowing freely from rosy flesh.

Rivulets of salt and desire

commingling with sounds


otherworldly –

a snake uncoiling,

then poised to strike –

and, once bitten,

one’s capacity for tolerating

the sweet venom increases

until, eyes dilated,

pulses pounding,

the blood purifies itself –

and we are healed.

10 thoughts on “love, more or less

    1. Lucy, ha-ha! I wrote this in a weekend poetry group – one of only two I’ve ever attended in my life – and have edited and played with it for over ten years, now! Hope you enjoyed it 😉


  1. This is quite unlike what I know of you Bela and I remain intrigued. I never cease to be amazed at the many layers that each one of us carry through our lives.Is this what is being human ……. or something more?



  2. Shakti, it’s being creative, I think! Passionate about life! My husband and I both got a chuckle out of your comment – because, over the years, he’s seen me shock a fair number of people, mostly in a good way 😉 I’m usually pretty reserved, but watch out! Poetry gives me license to say and do what I think only poetry or performance art, for example, allows. Bless you, dear one.


  3. the sweet venom increases

    until, eyes dilated,

    pulses pounding,

    the blood purifies itself –

    and we are healed.

    Oh my Bela! I thoroughly enjoyed this sapiosexual journey! “…and we are healed” renewed(?), reinvigorated(?), pleasurably soaked together in erotica’s sorcery(?)! 😈 😉

    Mmmm, thank you.


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