Thoughts on 12/12/12

I used to believe in portals, back in my New Age days. But I was getting too far ‘out there,’ needing instead to be more present to everyday life here on this fabulous earth. It was crucial that I began trusting my body as an instrument that could inform me in this life while keeping an ear to the ground of my spirit, in order to maintain both a level of consciousness as well as optimal health as my body aged.

We just bought a sweet old plantation house, tucked further into the lush vegetation most people picture when they think of Hawaii. For the past seven years, we lived on Kohala’s considerable “dry side.” And though the views were unparalleled, it was hard growing tropical plants and sustaining fruit trees without irrigation (and even then, plants stuttered along, awaiting the rains). Drought was the condition, more often than not. Now as I approach civilization from our home, I crest a hill where large trees arch over the road, creating an almost perfect circle, what I’ve come to think of as a portal. Back into the magic I return, and none too soon, as it turns out.

Today marks an end of times, according to the ancient Mayan calendar. A date with three double figures will not return until 1/1/2100, which none of us will see in this lifetime, save a few infants toddling around who haven’t a clue that there might be a significant moment erupting toward the end of their own current span of human existence. And it does seem momentous. The Mayans interpret this uncommon event as a time of  ushering in a new cycle of evolution for planet Earth, for humanity and even the cosmos. Mayan elders say that the essence of the calendar’s termination is to inform the modern world to be ready for transformation. The warning signs are out there, for the Doubting Thomases among us: hurricanes, floods, zany weather patterns as well as human behavior – all these have always been with us, but in current times, it’s as if things are accelerated. It’s as if people are running around with fire torching their heels.

In addition to the Mayans, others across the world including Buddhists, Taoists, and the Hopi and Vedic traditions predict a ‘Golden Age’ or ‘Satyug’ in their calendars for today, as well. December 2012 could be a remarkable spiritual event and a pivotal shift in the collective consciousness of the planet. And I, for one, am going to quietly celebrate.



17 thoughts on “Thoughts on 12/12/12

    1. Celia, always great seeing your face appear on my comments 😉
      I can well believe what you say! And if I wasn’t awake all night long, wondering by daybreak what the heck was going on, neither would I -or I would have forgotten what I knew a few days ago!


  1. It’s like stepping out there in to that place which is vast understanding, more than this economic political card board box gig. It’s ready! are you.and all you have to do is sit still in peace.


  2. I am detached from it, that is the illusion. I am in peace and I feel it, simple. Whatever one is viewing this reality with, set of ideas, beliefs, etc. – they are of no importance because they are only ideas.
    Move into the Heart, it needs no explanation, it knows courage and love.


  3. Funny, Russell – as I read this, I am both listening to and being visited by my dear friend Carole Isis ( Her song “You Are The Diamond” is playing in the background. If you go to her website and link to “songs” – you too can hear it. Very similar in content to your comment. 😉 Peace.


  4. Hi Bela,

    As always, your post provokes thoughts…….

    The changes or signs that you speak of are so perceptual, are they not. To me any golden age or “satyug” talk is nothing but longings that we hold for a perfect world in the moment when our perception of our world leaves much to be desired. We dream of Satyug when we unconsciously would like to release our own responsibility to create a world we aspire for. As we let go of our own responsibility and intent, we start to believe in some magic wand or event that would at once change our world. We start giving credence to what the Mayan’s foretold as also the Vedas, the Buddhists and who have you ( why forget Nostradamus?).

    I for one choose not to go up the above path. I for one would prefer to shift my perspective regarding situations and circumstances effecting me in the present.

    Thank you Bela for provoking these thoughts in me as I said earlier.



    1. Hi Bela
      Just went to the website, and had a listen to Isis, You are the Diamond its very settling, the sound sits around ones chest and neck giving a feeling of buoyancy. That the place of that ingested Diamond that sits in radiant stillness .


  5. Shakti, I do not disagree. What I believe is happening is that enough people on the planet ARE accepting responsibility for their thoughts and actions, and we are able to perceive a shift, of sorts. So is it the predictions that we are fulfilling? Or are we creating the predicted outcome? Bowing to the Mystery, I am presuming it’s a bit of both – if we ponder the time-space continuum and string theory which hypothesizes that there are many levels of existence coalescing into the present. It is this Mystery which I honor most in my post. That and the hope that indeed a shift *in our own awareness* is occurring that might begin setting us collectively on a more humane and inclusive course.


    1. Lucy, thank you so very much! I’ve just had to decline another award and now this as well – we are in a sea of rapid changes these days and I’m lucky to just get posts online. Hope you are enjoying your holidays, and blessings to you and yours. Thanks for the honor!


    1. Thanks so much, Ivon. I sincerely appreciate it. It’s hard to decline without appearing ungrateful, but let me assure you, it’s an issue of time rather than lack of appreciation for the honor. Blessings to you, and hope you are enjoying the holiday season!


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