No Feeling Is Final

Let everything happen to you
Beauty and terror
Just keep going –
No feeling is final.

~ Rainer Maria Rilke

I find it harder and harder to be critical and sarcastic these days. Tongue in cheek, I used to label this aspect of personality my inner cynic, but I knew even as I named it that the cutesie moniker was simply an excuse for unconscionable behavior. Walking my talk, as it were, seemed to dog me front, center and sideways – always to the good, as it turns out.

Nowadays it seems like any step out of line with my loving heart feels physically painful. It doesn’t mean I don’t have forgetful moments when I regress – I’m pretty sure that’s in the instruction manual for being human. But rather than berating myself as I did in the past, now I’m melting down into the depths of sorrow that surface when I realize I am creating, rather than averting, further suffering. This deepens my compassion, borne of the understanding that if I am having this much difficulty implementing lasting change – I who have yearned and diligently worked toward it for the better part of six decades on this planet – imagine how difficult it must be for those who possess far less awareness and motivation.

At long last I have met the enemy, and it is me. Conversely, my greatest ally and asset is this ability to look with great love and unblinking eyes at my less savory qualities. I feel very blessed, indeed.



11 thoughts on “No Feeling Is Final

  1. Not one single person has said what this quote means to them. Come on people, “This is quite profound.” OK, great, now brake that dam thing down and explain yourself!!!

  2. Aloha Chris:
    Perhaps for others, my own feelings evoked by Rilke’s words were what they were most struck by; what they could most easily relate to. It’s hard to know, but as women, I suspect we were simply supporting one another in recognition of commonalities.
    Thanks for commenting, and I would love it if you would expand on what the quote means to You! 😉

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