TEA (Haiku)

Bitter the leaf
and love,
its flower.

4 comments on “TEA (Haiku)”

  1. Is it not amazing Bela that once in a while scarce words can open up the mind to a floodgate of thoughts?
    Leaf and flower, bitter and love.Is there a polarity as there remains the integrity of binding? Is this how things are or remain mere mirages of our mind?
    Thanks for leading me here.

    • Yes it is, Shakti. I played with these words for quite a long time. Even after I published them here, I considered: Bittersweet/ the leaf and love,/ they flower. Haikus are, for me, not at all easy, despite their length. It’s much easier to write a 200 word poem! And of course I love playing with paradox and polarity, as it’s very much the nature of life on earth.

      Thanks, as ever, for your thoughtful response to my post, Shakti.

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