Well Met

Strange fruit –

shape and husks like the mottled

purple-white breasts

of small dying birds,

scattered on asphalt.

Running together,

life and death

in the avenue.


That we choose one

over the other –

fight like cancer to linger

in this place –

affirms daily the experiment.

To validate, rather than destroy –

whether with arms, words

or intention –

the inviolate

right of our fellows

to share space on

this spinning playground;

promotes delight

in earthly pleasures

on nature’s own terms.

6 thoughts on “Well Met

  1. The first words of your poem, “strange fruit,” remind me of the Billie Holiday song by the same name. Fruit and death are an interesting conflict of imagery. I’m also reminded of the Russian proverb, “Death doesn’t take the old but the ripe.”


  2. ” To validate rather than destroy……the inviolate right of our fellows..”
    Loved this thought, Bela, for this really becomes the essence of the positivity and support we can bring into our day to day interactions.I guess this also symbolises a powerful aspect of leadership.




    1. Shakti, you always contribute an interesting take on things. I never perceived this as leadership, but as a successful teacher sets an example rather than simply proselytizing, by definition I believe you are correct! We all must possess that teacher within, whether incubating or fully formed – just as we are all students of life as well.
      Blessings, dear one!


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