The Great Levelers


None of us is any more special than another. No matter what we think of ourselves. We’d all do well to remember this, right down to our bones.

Death is the great leveler, as is physical nakedness. If we all kept death in our sights while thoroughly embracing life; if we all had to walk around naked, save in the coldest weather – what a very different world this would be! It would both reveal our extreme vulnerability as well as exposing our obvious flaws. A dose of humility is always a good thing.

Too often we compare ourselves to others, believing another’s road is easier, crisper, clearer than our own. Or we base our precious human connections on things another can give us, be it time, money or shelter. This approach is inauthentic, a fabrication of a mind in turmoil as it seeks to discover peace and comfort.

6 thoughts on “The Great Levelers

  1. That photo certainly is not from the change room of my Aquafit class! In exposing our dimpled, wrinkled, rolly-polly and ample selves, I leave feeling, “I’ll take my flaws, thanks.” – with a mixture of compassion and acceptance. Hopefully the others feel the same.

    I wonder if this concept entices people to become nudists.

    1. Amy, you are too funny! Yes, they’re all still pretty young. It was the best photo I could find – you wouldn’t believe what showed up (or maybe you would) for ‘classical art nudity male female’ (mostly pornography). Very few males/female nudes in classic art, by the way – mostly clothed or draped men carrying off virgins and other naked women. Should tell us something about how far we’ve come, I guess!

      I’ve never been inhibited about my body, but am more circumspect about displaying it as I age (for reasons you know well!). So I guess the nudist hypothesis depends on several factors, eh? 😉

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