Trust – release – let go – let God.

All words then

Worlds within collide.

My past – my path,

They churn inside.


How busy the mind

with endless thoughts and chatter –

When now, in this moment,

Only silence need matter.

7 thoughts on “SURRENDER

  1. Bela,

    Your posts are exquisite. Love “1959” and so many others. This one especially resonates with me. Although I am not a person of religious faith, I believe so much in acceptance and letting go. And the peace of silence.

    Thank you.


  2. Tom, what a lovely compliment.
    I, too, am not ‘religious’ so much as on the path – body, mind, and spirit – attempting to remain awake and aware in every moment; appreciating this incredible life and preparing the ground for whatever comes next.
    Thanks for taking the time to offer your thoughts and gratitude, very much appreciated.

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