Night Sky lightning


Tension held between two

during moments

which flash like lightning

in the stillness of black sky –



The thread unravels –

yet it is not that easy.


Minds parry,

synapses winking clues

never fully revealed

but hinted at broadly –


Heat exchanged

by the merging of minds,

flesh being




and yet

part –


for friction produced therein

is the thunderclap

of tension breaking.


~ Bela Johnson

5 thoughts on “Electricity

  1. Hi Bela,

    Your words ” Minds parry, synapses winking clues, never fully revealed……” started a new thought train.

    In a world where Internet is God, accessible to one and all for all queries and doubts, allowing unbelievable networking, empowerment and transparency, is not the human mind with its “never fully revealed” secrets increasingly at odds with the Universe ?

    What if we could map the Genome sequence of Man, break it up randomly into bits and then feed this data into a computer programmed to re-sequence the information? What if we could plug this data back into the human mind.? What if this process allowed every human mind to become a part of the Universal net? Would minds then be able to parry and wink clues? What would Man have become then?

    Which path would you choose then Bela?



  2. Shakti, as always you provide a thought-provoking comment.
    This poem was one that pretty much wrote itself through me. That being said, unless this hypothetical genome sequence of all humankind could actually be contained in each human mind, which I doubt (insanity being a possibility for some, depending on background and conditioning – among other permutations and possibilities), we will always be in the process of knowing ourselves to varying degrees, depending on the capacity and maturity of each soul in form (language being inadequate in the sense of encompassing all the various terms each person comprehends which would equate to universal consciousness).
    Wouldn’t we lose our individuality?
    Wouldn’t the human experiment be over? And how would we each and collectively feel about that?
    What would be the point of relationships if we didn’t need anything from one another to help us explore our feeling nature; to help us broaden and deepen our self awareness?
    At times I seem to glimpse such an expansive cosmic consciousness that I can only gather fragments of some profound concept or idea. It used to make me want more; want access to this source of knowledge all the time! But over the years I’ve come to be quite at peace with not knowing everything(!) In fact, the older I get, the more I respect the Mystery and stand amazed at the infinite mind of God, if you will. I’m content being just who and where I am, striving and learning and growing and in that state of constantly becoming, reinventing. That’s also and not coincidentally the path of my choosing.
    Blessings, Shakti.

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