Pushing the Envelope


Years ago I read something that caused me to wonder if all of Creation – humans included – is God evolving Itself (as opposed to the puppet master God, pulling the strings in that great theatre in the sky). There may always be much we do not or cannot understand with our limited human overview, though some of us actually glimpse, from time to time, fragments of the nature of the cosmos. And we then believe, perhaps erroneously, that we have discovered The Truth. It’s my understanding that this truth, so called, is constantly revealing itself; is shifting, growing, expanding. The beauty of our species is its individuality, allowing for various colorful interpretations of profound as well as mundane discoveries.

Life on earth can be frightening at times, for we have no control over much of existence, up to and including our physical death. To comfort ourselves, we attempt to rein in something manageable with belief systems that help contain this fear. If we were to glimpse the actual nature of both our full potential as well as our utter helplessness, it could really blow some minds. Therefore if it were possible to somehow access all knowledge revealed to and by our species up to this point, countless repercussions would doubtlessly emerge.

Would we truly wish to avail ourselves of the totality of human knowledge and experience through something like mapping the human genome sequence, breaking it down into random bits then resequencing and feeding it back into the human brain via computer? Would we actually possess the capability to contain it in consciousness, or would we simply experience overload, similar to a computer hard drive that exceeds its capacity?  Might what Jung terms the shadow elements of collective human nature propel us into worlds filled with terror too odious to bear?

Despite my understanding and a never-ending thirst for greater knowledge and awareness, I would still choose this small footprint on the planet, fraught with challenges and uncertainties though it might be. If offered a scientific induction into collective human awareness, I would yet embrace this quest on earth and finally back into the Unknown. Far from being afraid of death, my adventurous heart remains curious. And in my own time of living, I accept the need for a slower pace. Whatever is meant for me to understand will arrive in due course, through my own creative channels and my desire to know as much as I am capable of, in the time that exists for me in the ever-present Now.


Thanks to Shakti Ghosal for his thought-provoking comment leading to this post.

4 thoughts on “Pushing the Envelope

  1. Oh Bela !

    This is quite incredible to see a comment initiating an idea for a new post. In fact you have given me an idea too……. and I just might use a Facebook entry to write my next post!

    In this post, you have in fact touched upon the hypothesis I tend to hold myself. About all creation and the Creator evolving and in that sense , being work-in-process. One of my favourite Science Fiction story is ” The Last Question” by Isaac Asimov and it initiates a similar concept.The story incidentally starts of thus:

    “The last question was asked for the first time, half in jest, on May 21, 2061, at a
    time when humanity first stepped into the light…………..”

    Why I bring this up here is to initiate the alternative thought that we could be reaching inflexion points when we may not be able to live by our choice of ” this small footprint on the planet” as you say. There could be transformative moments brought in by circumstances or technology when the winner takes it all.

    You ponder on the aspect of ” whether we would hold the capability to contain it in consciousness, or would we simply experience overload……” What if I were to say that we are in fact part of that consciousness and it depends on the latter whether it chooses to hold us in itself – as individuals, societies or species?

    What could you do then Bela?



  2. Oh, Shakti! Minds parrying, indeed! 😉

    I would be curious to know what you base this inflection on – is this something you perceive, or is there evidence to suggest it, such as the zero point theory, the tilting of the earth’s axis, the rapid advancement of technology such as storing data in DNA, or something else I haven’t thought of?

    I can totally go with your suggestion that consciousness has a choice to hold us into itself, but what then happens to the elements that play out as polarity, or negativity, here on earth? What about adversity? Because without it, creative dynamism seems moot. If we are metaphorically a figment of God’s imagination so that Consciousness might express creatively and feed this dynamic flow back to its Source, does the planet spin out of orbit and ‘end the human experiment?’ (Not to mention all other life on earth …) Is interdependence important?

    Creation, by its very nature, IS creative – in dynamic motion – it is not static, or nothing in the Universe such as we know it IS static. Even a drop of water holds surface tension. Without this tension (what in the human world might be termed ‘adversity’), don’t we become like robots and again, what is the point of us existing at all? If every infant were able to hold universal consciousness into and throughout its life, what, then, constitutes its growth as a dynamic aspect of Creation?

  3. Bela,

    This gets more and more interesting!

    To me the inflection point may actually be a continuum. Remember the Bob Dylan number, ” The times, they are a-changin’ ” ? I see all change as flows- fueled by thoughts, behaviour, technology, environment and above all our evolved consciousness of all these aspects. My consciousness thus may lead me to my inflexion point at a different point in time. Earth shattering and tectonic changes need not necessarily lead to the tipping point for any / all of us.

    I cannot find fault with your argument relating to aspects of polarity, negativity, creativity and adversity. But do you realise that this argument is based on the premise that we, the human species, is at the centre of things? What if this was not so, what if we are but a congregation of atoms and molecules in a specific manner, just like stardust, in the overall scheme of things? If this be so, does it really matter what constitutes your growth? And whether such growth holds any meaning other than assuaging our vanity and sanity?

    What would you say to this Bela?


    P.S. I referred to Asimov’s The Last Question earlier. You may wish to read it to get alternative perspectives of what we might be in terms of “God” and what we might mean in the overall scheme of things. The story is available in pdf form on the net.

  4. Yes, a continuum. The reason I ‘argue’ for humans is that we ourselves are in human form; nothing more nor less. Also that I, myself am currently experiencing life as a human, with all the growth curve involved in attempting to be conscious, not only of and for myself, which is full time job, but of all life around me and beyond. I think if science errs, it is that it attempts to know the mind of God before the scientists know themselves. There may be danger in this. For example, if Oppenheimer et al had truly known all aspects of their own mind – the light as well as the shadow – would they have released the atom bomb into the world? I’m still into helping our own species understand itself better so that each person who cares to, might likewise know themselves better, i.e. become more conscious. Then that will naturally ripple out to other life forms and beyond. That is my own awareness.

    I am certain the energy that constellates around each of us will continue, no matter what form it is destined to take. I am also Not presuming we are the center of the Universe – I’m not that anthropocentric. I AM concerned that we correct our human course before it becomes too destructive to other species and our host’s ecosystems and beyond (and yes, we’re in the 13th hour on that one). I don’t perceive jaguars and elephants impacting large numbers of other species. Even tornados and floods don’t seem to reduce our numbers significantly, but the power of the atom, harnessed by man – hmmmm … now there’s something to ponder. And so my growth – our growth – just might be critical to a much greater scheme in Creation. We are yet a species capable of reflection, therefore our responsibility to our collective evolution might be key. Our consciousness/choices have such a very far-ranging impact. I’m not sure about my dog’s choices, or the choices of rocks and trees. Or if indeed they even need to possess choice – they might be far more advanced in consciousness than we, having transcended the need. Why humans struggle so might again be God’s need to expand and become more aware of Itself – the only way dynamic creation works in our particular species.

    And I agree, tectonic changes may not be necessary, depending on our collective impact upon the planet. If the planet itself possesses consciousness (and how could it not?), perhaps it contains a sense of ‘self preservation.’ Why would earth simply ‘allow’ humans to utterly destroy the systems that maintain her integrity anymore than we’d like it if someone pulled out all our veins and bones?
    Shakti, I don’t know about any of this, I’m very aware it’s all theory. Yet I do agree with your first paragraph that our own consciousness may lead us to a different point in time – it’s entirely possible. If we consider the Tibetan Buddhist Bardo, for example – reality is illusory, depending on the strength of our emotions and mental trappings (similar in ways to the Toltec purview). At the same time, to escape to another place or dimension when we, ourselves have impacted other people, species and systems seems irresponsible. All the canvas bag carrying in my life doesn’t wipe out mounds of rubbish I’ve deposited at the dump.

    I read Asimov extensively while in junior high and high school, along with Huxley. I was a fairly intense kid 😉 I’ll revisit The Last Question. Thanks for the pdf book idea. I so appreciate your voice on the other side of the world! I feel lucky to have this connection.


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