Blogging provides a virtual and sometimes therapeutic channel in which to pour one’s thoughts and feelings that, in turn, insinuate themselves into the collective like dye injected into a crystalline ocean. Slowly spreading, the new medium eventually becomes assimilated into the existing one, and a hybrid is born. We are changed and the world changes us.


6 thoughts on “BLOGOSPHERE

  1. Hi Bela,

    What a brilliant thought! So as we pour our thoughts into a blog post and allow it to mix and assimilate with all the rest of the thoughts that are out there, floating, spreading, reshaping, a new hybrid thought gets birth. So with this change, would our feelings too would get hybridized? And thereafter our behaviours? And as our behaviours change thus, acquiring the hues of other behaviours, would this stabilise and heighten the overall behaviour patterns swirling around us? So do we see the enormity of change we hold the power to bring about?

    Great perspective, thank you.



  2. Shakti, at first I discounted your statement about feelings. But on further examination, I discover it might have merit. Because it is indeed our feelings which must change in order for our behaviors to change, don’t you think? So maybe our words go out into the world and, ever so subtly, they touch the core of someone (or ones) whose feelings begin to shift due to the ‘felt’ impact. Then behaviors would reflect that shift, and yes, the collective likewise gets reorganized – hopefully in a good way!

    I don’t think we can ever truly know the impact of our thoughts, words, and even intentions and prayers – but it truly is a miracle to contemplate! Thanks as always for your kind words and your profound reflections.


  3. Everything arises from causes and conditions…what *does* happen when there are so many more of them and they spread so much more quickly? Thanks for the provocative post, be well~


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