I cannot wear sequins.

A closet full of skirts and dresses

tried on over the years;

wishful thinking.


What I do,

where I live

does not lend itself

to swoops of air between the legs;

bluster and sparkle.


No need for headlights.


It feels like a violation;

the paradox of glitter

and steaming mulch;

canyons and the finality

of fabric cleaving

to the four winds.

2013-03-04 12.43.34

2 thoughts on “Headlights

  1. I’m turning 50 this year and I realize I have some items of clothing that are older than some of my co-workers. I like to point that out sometimes when they don’t understand references to things that perhaps only someone my age would be aware of. I used to wear skirts more than I do in recent years. I hesitate to get rid of them as I don’t know if life will take me to circumstances were they may come in use again…or I can turn them into something creative.


    1. Jeez, I have nothing that old! I guess my tastes change with the times. Of course I buy almost everything on sale or at thrift stores, so I don’t attach particular value to garments. Still, I haven’t worn skirts or dresses since the ’80’s when I worked in the professional business world. Heels as well – holy cow, what torture those were!

      In a way, I wish I’d kept some of my vintage outfits from years ago. Then again, it would have been even more stuff to lug around during our various trans-oceanic moves. To each their own, I guess! Take good care, Mary Lee. Thanks for commenting.


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