What Money Can’t Buy



It has been predicted: this is My Lucky Year. A once-in-a-lifetime return of the Water Snake, which blessed the annum of my birth. If I make it to 120 years of age, I’ll have another, but it’s not likely to happen.

So of course I wait for money, good fortune, opportunity in the form of a landfall: a gift, success, manna from heaven. Money itself is a familiar nemesis: I’ve had it, lost it, invested it, watched it decline in value, gathered more.

But here’s the thing: I’m increasingly aware that this luck is indeed streaming to me, only in the most unsuspected manner and through channels possessing no monetary value whatsoever. A pearl beyond price, it is the shining jewel of happiness: a pure, unadulterated, undiluted, unabashed transformation from fixation on the grave concerns that besiege humankind – from the unjust, the unseen, the unforeseen events and circumstances that plague all troubled species on this blue marbled planet – into a moment to moment walking meditation on the miraculous.

Suddenly and without obvious fanfare, I am smiling – quite a lot, as a matter of fact. My heart feels hopeful and I am struck with synchronicities everywhere: lucky bolts and inspirations out of the blue; ideas both conceptual as well as concrete. And while this wondrous way of being does not entail hiding my head in the sand, it allows me to manage life on a daily basis with all of my faculties attuned to assist, gather in and release out – without the added burden of stressing about things over which I have little to no control.

Imperfect, perhaps – but remarkable, nonetheless. I accept it with gratitude; I welcome the change.

9 thoughts on “What Money Can’t Buy

  1. I hope this coming year is going to bring many good changes for you and may it brings many more happiness to you which money can’t buy!! 🙂 Wish you a great year ahead Bela!!


  2. Hi Bela,

    I remain curious. What was the inflexion point that shifted you to this phase in your life? As you reflect on this question, would you choose to identify those intrinsic values which played a part? Finally, what could you do to spread this virus of happiness far and wide?

    A beautiful post as always….



  3. Shakti, my next post might answer part of your question. But rather than to analyze it, I prefer these days to simply allow grace to infect my life without needing to know why. I love to marvel at the magical quality of it all – it reminds me of what it felt like to be a child and to feel the numinosity of the world.
    I know that by simply opening my heart to others, which is usually quite effortless (though I, too, have days where I need to be alone to sort out some inner conflict or another), and tapping that deep, authentic, abiding joy within, I inspire others to discover their own best qualities. It isn’t a conscious effort; rather, it is a natural desire to share the abundance of love overflowing.
    There is no better tonic for healing that I know of.
    Thanks, as always, for your thoughtful comments.


  4. I think you used “landfall” where “windfall” would have fit better. Windfall is defined as an unexpected, unearned or sudden gain or advantage whereas a landfall is a sighting of land after a voyage or flight or a reaching of land as by a traveler, craft or storm. Although having spent the last year moving from one temporary location to the next and finally finding some land that you can call home is perhaps a landfall in a sense.
    You asked me once what my Chinese zodiac symbol was. I was born in the year of the rabbit and given the time of day, I’m a “strong earth rabbit.” The year of the water snake is supposed to be auspicious for me. So far it’s proving to be a lot better than the year of the dragon.
    I started out the year of the water snake on February 9th by volunteering to go to work on my day off as we had a blizzard and there were a lot people calling-out for work. I had an unjustified, euphoric feeling that day. I ran into so many people that came across as beleaguered by the weather but I celebrated the day and brought in a holiday-like spread of food for my co-workers.
    Asians are so fixated on good fortune as being synonymous with money. Money is good but I also like feeling happy and optimistic for no particular reason.


  5. Aloha, ML! Glad you singled out that word – and I meant it as I wrote it, thoughtfully, as “landfall.” That’s my poetic license and I’m sticking by it. Interpret however you may, it was my intention to pique a bit of curiosity – for don’t many of us expect to be ferried home somehow by a gift, a lightning bolt of consciousness, a stroke of luck – anything but death? To be let out of the maze of confusion that is the means by which we learn and mature in this life?
    Yes, I can see the Rabbit in you, upon reflection. And the element of earth. I’m glad Snake is supposed to be auspicious for you, given that snakes eat rabbits! Here’s to a fantastic year of opportunity and optimism and – dare I say it? – happiness!
    Thanks for your comments.


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