Clean Sweep

copyright 2013 - Bela Johnson

Swelling waters crash

over concrete jetties,

sweeping docks clean of debris:

cigarette butts, bottle tops,

Friday night remainders.

Still, in we jump –

glad of the sea and movement

away from whatever it is

binding us to despair

and blinding us to love.

copyright 2013 - Bela Johnson
images: copyright 2013 – Bela Johnson

8 thoughts on “Clean Sweep

  1. The sea, I used to call it the big liver. It just keeps on cleaning up and filtering. We used to pick up the rubbish as fast as we could when we lived on the beach, so it would not wash out into the sea. trying to help our liver in the tiniest of ways.. she does wash us clean. Lovely last image! c


    1. How interesting! And it makes sense, for so many people carelessly trash their own liver with addictions of all sorts, so it follows that they would unconscionably toss crap in the sea.

      Thanks, Celia, for your thoughtful comment!


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