Safe Harbor

By: Bela Johnson

Mar 27 2013

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Focal Length:9.8mm
Shutter:1/69 sec
Camera:COOLPIX P80
copyright 2013 – Bela Johnson


Like clouds of breath rising

from a steaming tub

or the formless spines of cumulus;

Untethered thoughts wander,

free of their mooring

in the harbor of the heart.


Vexation arises –

too much elemental air.

We need earth to  grow:

tunnels of wriggling

worms ingesting loam,

casting off their compost skins –

giving rise to a soulful forest of green.


coypright 2013 - Bela Johnson

coypright 2013 – Bela Johnson

6 comments on “Safe Harbor”

  1. Beautiful!:) -Jennifer

  2. That was an inspiration. Just lovely.

  3. wonderful blog you have browsing..thanks for sharing dear….

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