The Constant Gardener

We contain it in consciousness;

Remember, so we do not forget,

and get on with our lives

or risk drowning in despair.


Each day pregnant with unknowing,

we risk all by walking out the door;

mingling with the masses

or digging in the soil.

Even there, shards of glass,

old metal and pottery

percolate to the surface,

surprising skin, unprepared.


Planting over and around the damage;

creating beauty is what I know –

Hands taking over

where the head leaves off;

Mind quiets down.


Mulching the surface,

softening soil to contain

life-giving moisture;

inviting breakdown,

the flowering of vitality.


What is this delicate balance,

how can the human spirit hold

a lifetime of soaking up

splendor that bursts the heart open;

joy in creating –ย then sorrow,

regret; the shame

in what our species is capable.


How do we sleep at night, cradled

in the knowing, the awareness

that we are doing our part;

contributing to the betterment

of a world in the throes of transformation?


Sowing seeds of loving kindness,

I garden.




22 thoughts on “The Constant Gardener

    1. Thanks so much, dear one.

      After half a day crafting a long piece on the Shadow aspects of humanity yesterday, I awoke at 2 a.m. with the thought that, though perhaps valuable, it’s not what people need to hear right now. And so I came up with this instead.

      Blessings on the day!


  1. that is really beautiful. trying to garden on my own for the first time this yr (carrots, beans, garlic,and tomatos) so this almost makes me think of it as more sacred


    1. Cathy, thanks for the compliment.
      I think anything we do to work in tandem with the earth IS a sacred act – our bodies are made of the same stuff, and, to me at least, it gives me a sense of rootedness and connectedness I do not find in my head ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Thanks for coming by for a read. Good luck with your gardening!


    1. Thanks Tazein, much appreciated. I don’t ‘do’ awards; just don’t have time – but surely do appreciate all of you who have nominated me this past year or so the blog’s been up. Blessings to you.


  2. Lovely thoughts Bela!

    What jumps out at me are the following lines.

    “Joy in creating – then sorrow,
    regret; the shame
    in what our species is capable.”

    Where does this discord really lie between the joy of creation and the shame of mindless destruction? To me this polarity is essentially between the dreams at the individual level and the compulsions at the societal level. So does that mean that the societal compulsion arises from a herd mentality? Or does it mean the pressure to see crass results without any thought of long-term consequences? Or does it have to do about the pulls between what the heart says and that which the mind dictates?



    1. Shakti, I think these two extremes exist at the same time, at least in the fibers of my own being. It’s the mind that continues analyzing, pondering between the poles, so to speak, regarding what I would wish the world to be vs. what it seems capable of, given the lack of awareness of (too?) many people.

      I’m not sure if societal compulsions are triggered because of a herd mentality, but that’s a thought worth pondering. It occurs to me that it’s a desensitization, a dangerous one, that has steadily increased along with the widespread availability (and seeming necessity) of technology. (Could I ever have imagined 3 year-olds with iPhones when my kids were growing up? Could I have imagined these lovely Hawaiian kids walking by me on the street and not meeting my gaze and returning a “Good morning” because their heads are buried in their cellphones?) What makes the difference between creating a chemical compound to cure disease or a pressure cooker bomb meant to utterly cripple and destroy? What triggers the mind to go in one direction or another? A lack of creative outlets? Feelings of societal rejection and/or intense self hatred? Despondency in feeling their generation has no future on a planet in peril? Too much stimulation, from all directions?

      What makes the difference between short-term impulses and the awareness of long-term consequences is a level of maturity, I think. And age does not necessarily confer this, but in many cases, it does help. The way young men are flooded with hormones and the level of brain devleopment between the ages of 16-25 is worth exploring, and it’s why military recruiters work so hard at getting through to the 17-18 year olds. They are extremely impressionable and idealistic at that age, almost to the exclusion of common sense. Do they know; are they in touch with the difference between heart and mind? Being a man, perhaps you remember more than I could ever surmise.

      As always, thanks so much for your insightful and thoughtful comments, Shakti. Blessings to you.


  3. I love this. We are waking up and evolving..
    Art and writing seem to support this. I struggle with how to do my part. Maybe touching the part of people that can hear the message.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.


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