Enjoying success

usually exacts a price.

Many doubt this when, swelled

in the afterglow of accomplishment,

the dominoes fall,





It doesn’t have to be this way.

Life need not be painful,

yet it almost always is.

Still, if we are listening,

attentive –

a small inner voice

that is easy to ignore

serves to correct our course.

We perceive what is best;

know we are not separate

from anyone or anything

under Creation.

We, who exist in the here and now –

specks among stars,

imbued with far greater

potential than we dare admit.


Tigers know their tigerhood;

women, our womanhood –

often because it is reflected

in the mirror, or through the eyes

of another.

Imagine there are no mirrors

anywhere in sight.

Would we move more like animals,

loose and lithe in our bodies;

keen in the subtleties

of what is essential;

pared down to the bone

of what is not?


6 comments on “Stripes”

  1. Hi Bela,

    This is so powerful!

    What is success? Is it the achievement of the goal or is it the empowered journey to seek it? If we measure our accomplishment by the goals achieved, then yes, as we rise and fall in our own perception, we would swing across the entire spectrum of joy and pain. But should we choose to view success through the tinted glass of the journey and the seeking process, the empowerment therein has no ups and downs. Could we avoid the metaphorical pain then?

    Your concluding verse also resonates particularly these lines,

    “Imagine there are no mirrors
    anywhere in sight.”

    But do we really need mirrors to enable us show up in the manner the outside world or the situation demands? How do we shift our perspective to seek “Who we are?” within? And be guided by that essence as we choose show up.

    Loved the post and feel blessed to have you in my world, Bela.


    • Aloha Shakti: you, as always, bring up deeply thoughtful points. The mirroring is actually a Jungian term used to describe how we, as small children, perceive our place in the world. I think some never get past the need for it, somehow. I cannot speak to who needs what, but I can say that it’s a wondrous miracle when more of us seek that inner wisdom, as, in my humble opinion, this is the only path to the Divine. The ministers and priests and gurus are teachers; they are not the destination to that enduring link with Creation. We must establish this firmly within ourselves. Once we shed these forms, we depart as we entered this world – alone and adrift in a sea of both knowing and unknowing. And the greater one’s connection to the cosmos before departure, the better chance one has in navigating other realms.

      To me, success is learning to flow with life as it is; as it comes; unto death, itself. Grace in living in each moment seems the greatest success I can imagine. Any other success is fed from that fount, and then these temporal ‘victories’ can be joyful, can be savored, as we flow through life without expectations and resentment when these expectations don’t fulfill our longings. And we steer clear of the ugly side of karma, as what comes to us, can come to all. We don’t have to dominate and struggle to get what we perceive to be our share.

      Cheers, dear one. Namaste.

  2. A small inner voice – how I yearn to hear it more and more. Thank you!

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