Our final breath comes when,

at long last,

we nudge back toward



Billions of atoms

moving through time and space –

locked within the confines of skin

in a dance with life, itself.


Too short, this

parenthesis in eternity;

as time flexes to accommodate

the neverending flow between pleasure and pain.


Like waves upon the ocean, we roll

back and forth,

endlessly adjusting

while our basic nature remains the same.

If the ocean changes little in millennia,

how, then, are we expected

to stem the flow of thoughts and responses,

habitual as the tides?


The need for quiet contemplation

nudges a thickened consciousness.

If we fail to heed the call,

push out reflection in favor of reaction,

the gulf expands until a chasm opens up,

threatening to swallow our

best intentions.


One may become a stranger

even to oneself.

~ bj


8 thoughts on “STRANGER

  1. Loved the verse Bela.

    You say:

    “Too short, this
    parenthesis in eternity;
    as time flexes to accommodate
    the neverending flow between pleasure and pain.”

    What is that intrinsic aspect within us prevents us from gaining clarity about this unavoidable truth? What is that makes us feel that we have a lot of time here when in fact we do not? As we remain deluded thus, could this be serving us in some way?



    1. Shakti, as usual, I apprecate your thought-provoking comments.

      I love that you point out just how short life is! And why most people do not awaken to the facts of existence remains a mystery to me (thus, I write poetry).

      But not to cop out on your question, I suspect this delusion likely does Not serve us; rather it keeps us trapped in samsara for (how long?). That being said, my experience is that awakening to the true nature of things is difficult. It means one must face the existential realities of temporality. Yet once we face this – confront what Buddha so wisely referred to as the five noble truths – we are well on our way toward clearing the decks in order to embrace this tenuous life on its own terms; to appreciate all this amazing world has to offer. I am so glad I was able to peel back the layers of fear in order to come to this awareness over many years’ time, for I love life, and find it magical every day; discover miracles in the smallest of things.

      Blessings, aloha, namaste to you and yours, Shakti!


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