She gazes over her shoulder once too often,

catching her reflection in the rear-view mirror,


And she can’t decide if she, herself is the cause of the unrest

or if it’s simply her-in-present-time that maddens.


Nevertheless she drives, and drives often,

trying to escape the past, the future,

the feeling that somehow memories aren’t temporary;

that they will not succeed in overwhelming

the only stability she knows:

that of a mind fixated on rote lines

and what science calls facts

and they keep her safe,

or so she thinks;

and they keep her sane,

or what passes as lucid

and she prays to a God she no longer believes in

but the alternative is, like the image in the mirror,

far too unabridged to contemplate.


~ bj

[Woman looking at reflection of herself in rearview mirror], 193

6 thoughts on “EXISTENTIALITY II

    1. Oh, yes. It’s one of my favorite songs of his (Hallelujah being another). Judy Collins sang Suzanne as well, which was actually my first intro to that song.

      Yes, the mystery, hopes and unknowns of life! That’s the ‘existentiality’ part 😉 Although I’m one of those people with insane faith and connection to the cosmos, so many I know are just like this woman, full of fear at what they can’t control. I rather consider it all part of The Grand Adventure; the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful. It’s all an amazing journey!

      Aloha, Ronnie, and thanks, as always, for your comments.


  1. Beautiful? Not the picture, but the way the artist (you) presents a typical, so-called modern day woman. We can easily become trapped in everyday activities. It seems to me that I once was there. I was an existentialist, and still am, but have modified my thought system with pantheism, and mysticism.. So, now I’m a an existentialistic, pantheistic, mystic. And yet I still can’t paint,, either with a brush or a pen, a picture, and you can. Is that fair?


    1. Haha, Jean, you do me great honor with this comment – and for that, I thank you! No doubt you possess your own gifts and talents, making the Universal cards a fair deal. I am glad you can see yourself in this poem, as I think many women can relate. Sounds like you defy labels, which is delightful! Though I love those you chose for yourself 😉 They might aptly describe me, as well. Thanks for taking time to read and comment. Aloha!


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