Somewhere along the line,

I learned to separate

recollection from reflection;

memories from lessons learned.


Once the needle was stuck in the groove

like an old vinyl LP,

scritching and scratching static

clear through to my core.

I could neither bump it forward,

nor hearken back to reconstruct

another track.


How the shift began,

where it seated itself at that long banquet table

measuring the breadth of life,

I do not know.

I am only grateful that it did.


All my life has been like that:

subtle shiftings and backdoor gatherings;

avoiding the grand entrance whenever possible.

Transforming and slowly polishing

stone to gem, porous black rock to brilliant diamond;

myriad surfaces picking up hues and subtleties,

refracting back to their source.


Precious gifts are useless when pillaged or ignored;

instead they are banked and trussed,

forming the framework of kindness

radiating silently from the cavern of the heart.


~ bj






5 thoughts on “Diamond

  1. A thoughtful poem, Bela. I understand what you mean about avoiding the spotlight and not wanting to draw too much attention to yourself. The way we are wired is who we are, and good for those of us who accept this image and nor spend needless time in trying to change the image.


    1. Aloha Ronnie, and yes. I spent years trying to socialize ‘like other people;’ to be someone, in essence, that I was not. I love people, yet with age, I realize I have more to give others when respecting my own needs and boundaries.
      Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


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