What was important then

empties into bleakness as we relax now,

savoring moments inside skin;

dropping defenses if we are lucky,

losing the act if we are smart

so that others may access our heart.


What is it about the young,

pushing against, away –

only to discover those crowded to perimeters

are needed most in times of self loathing;

of grief and trembling and fear?

Culture to culture, we are the same –

running yellow under the surface where,

like animals, we strike out and retreat,

licking perceived wounds.


Clouds part and shift, planets repel and attract,

universes expand and implode

while the smallness of human drama continues

thrusting and parrying; hunching

into a sea of weakness inside bodies constructed

too frailly for posturing emotions.


16 thoughts on “Touche!

  1. This is beautiful, Bela, & so right! Great to be reminded often of this, though the troubles of my last several years have taught me ever so much. We tangle up our lives & snag our paths with knots simply by believing our ‘stories’ when they are just that, only stories. Such drama. I had to get that to survive! Now, nothing is so important but kindness, compassion, tolerance, loving. Thanks, dear lady!


      1. Ronnie, in case you check in on this thread, I left you a message on your blogsite as well. Apologies, for sure. Completely unintentional, naming this post! Have renamed it, out of respect.



    Ticktock game with unity split in two
    Who from behind their fences fence
    Winning or losing a passing illusion
    A timeless afternoon’s entertainment


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