Ode to Fungi

Reclining in wrapping indifferent to its contents,

the tidy row of portobellos lies chilling;

scaly surfaces restricted by saran to fit,

shipped far from forest understory

now gasping for breath through tiny

puncture-perfect holes.


Carefully pulling free vulgar covering,

breaking bread now with the heart of mycelium

transporting me into underground networks

where leaf mold poises over soil and secrets.

I honor this delicacy, relish the treasure;

and sit enraptured by savory mushroom meat,

digging in with licentious abandon.



4 thoughts on “Ode to Fungi

    1. Haha, thanks Karyn! I LOVE mushrooms, and my husband, not so much. He doesn’t care if I eat them of course, but since we cook together, it seems unfair to always make him pick them out, though sometimes I do. He’s away for the week, so I’ve been indulging myself overly – plus, in less than two weeks I visit my daughter in Portland (OR). So I’ll Really get to savor some amazing fungi!

      Glad you liked the piece 🙂 And all the best right back atcha!


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