I cannot capture the flower on film,

only rarely have light and essence

pierced the veil

to quiver still upon the page.


Petals are fragile things

life exudes when it finds an opening

for expressions of ecstacy.







14 thoughts on “Delicate

      1. Ben, I have poets I really admire who write in ways I wish I ‘could.’ Or, more accurately, I have wished this more in the past. I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that my style is my style, and that certain people will like it and others, not so much. Which is fine with me, as I’ve no great writing career aspirations – I’ve always written and always will. As long as I find satisfaction in it, that’s what’s important – for Me. I can’t speak for another, but I do hope you know your writing is wonderful and uniquely ‘you.’ Cheers!

      2. It seems we are in many important ways quite similar. 🙂 (No surprises there,)

        And I thank you for your heartening words, while if anything that I post works for you then that can only be a bonus; I never post things that have not been approved by the prime censor. 🙂

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