Why be conflicted with death?

It’s no new trend, fluorescent Nikes
in the wake of black and white.
This is not a game of thrones
over which we could prevail;
no defeat-able foe,
steroidal match of will or wits.

United in helplessness if nothing else,
our humanity stands stock still,
lights coming up on our soliloquy,
bathed only in the light
of this naked truth.



4 thoughts on “Soliloquy

  1. Some years back I read something like this. It was about a man who had (or was planning to have) engraved on his gravestone.


    1. Lately it has been the death of Robin Williams that seems to hold the rapt attention of the masses. I must say, I wasn’t at all surprised. The pain in this man’s eyes for a very long time bespoke of something awry in a disquiet spirit. Sadly he took his own life, yes.

      At other times, the decline of a beloved elder precipitates the strangest behavior, from sticking tubes in bodies to keep them breathing far beyond useful and viable lives to sticking them away in homes to avoid having to deal with the messiness of decay. Ah, the guilt; the failure to have appreciated that person while they still could be received in doing so.

      Thanks, Ray.

      1. Until 1963 suicide was illegal in England (WTF???) so if you were unsuccessful you were liable to criminal prosecution. I have always believed it is our sovereign right to commit suicide if that is our choice. My mother, who had gone into care, handed her valuables in to the office one day and refused further nourishment.. I was informed of this by my younger brother, who was uncertain how to proceed.r. (I was living some distance away.) I took leave from work, travelled down and went to the home where my mother was living. I was able to meet with her and let the manager of the home that I was happy for her to follow my mother’s wishes. The manager’s relief was very obvious. People who cannot understand death have never really understood life. At least, that’s my view.

  2. Perfectly stated, and I couldn’t agree more. Just ushered my own mother into death a year ago, and even against her written wishes, the hospital was trying to keep her alive. We live in death-phobic times; sterile times where somehow ‘we’ feel entitled to cheat death. Not so. My viewpoint is ever to treasure this life while we’re here. As in the Seals & Crofts’ song lyric, ‘We may never pass this way again.’

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