By: Bela Johnson

Aug 26 2014

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Category: gardening, Hawaii, lifestyle, nature, people, Uncategorized


Focal Length:29.8mm
Shutter:1/100 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S6000

Laughter alchemizing leaden to light,
a child’s eyes lit up from inside a man
not yet shrouded in decorum.

Search for the Buddha all you will
while life continues in ordinaries;
teachers everywhere
from leaf mold to lovers.

Only the mind waxing preferential,
maroon robes over honest sweat,
the endless weaving of spiders;
brown hands untangling violaceous spines
twined ’round saffron squash blossoms
amidst fields of possibilities.


4 comments on “WORKER”

  1. Thanks my friend. Today I needed to be reminded of the fields of possibilities…

  2. Toil willingly
    Undertaken no longer
    Felt as burdensome

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