I wanted to be short,
landed somewhere in between;
longed for slim hips and blond hair,
blue-eyed Aphrodite piercing hearts
with her Colgate smile.

Trading politics for popularity,
no idea how to fit in,
delving into purgatorial perambulations;
sex, drugs and rock and roll.

What I got I needed,
painful reminders of mortality and folly;
limbo lover of life and the substantial,
discovered in middle age
when the veils floated free.

Gazing now into silvered glass,
a raven’s eyes smile back their knowing;
platinum crown cresting as artifice fades away,
and I am free.



12 comments on “DISGUISE”

  1. Sigh. I too, wanted that – but know I wonder why…

  2. This I like. (Been there, done that. 😉 )

  3. This is one of your best poems, Bela. Lovely, nostalgic and relatable.

  4. Sounds like wanting to go back but realizes how sweet it is being happy in your skin. Wonderful poetry.

  5. Life is so like this in every way. First youth and its’ folly and then with age a slowing of the need to be more and to know that being who you are is enough.

    • Renee, you give me the opportunity to revisit some of these pieces that float somewhere in memory. This one brought tears to my eyes, just now.
      And yes, I believe life Is like this if we have our eyes and minds open, anyway! It’s been a long, ardulous journey, but one I wouldn’t have missed for the world. Aloha, dear. ❤

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