The Right Thing

My daughter is an acupuncturist doing service work in Nepal. Her thoughts so far astound me with their clarity and wisdom. Check it out, if you’re so inclined!



What does it mean to ‘do the right thing’?This concept of doing right we use as a beacon, as a tool of judgement, as a roadmap. We are compelled to follow this right path based on our moral compass, I suppose. Collectively, can we really agree on even a few right things? Some may argue under the right circumstances, even marginally acceptable actions are the right thing to do. What do we take into account when deciding the right action? Self interest? Spiritual beliefs? Impact to others? Cultural acceptance?

In the field of medicine this question often drifts through your mind – as a light fog or as a blaring beacon calling out for action. Who is this patient – their beliefs, goals, resources, support system? What are my skills? My limitations? Do I act now, or later? With what tools? Shift the question to another ? When do I…

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