Nothing of Significance

My daughter’s journey continues …




Growing up in the countryside of Maine, I spent much of my childhood entertaining myself. Friends were not within walking distance, and with no other way of transportation, I was at the mercy of others’ schedules and road conditions during the winter. I spent countless hours on the lake and in the woods, taking in all of nature’s craftsmanship and entertaining various fantastical lives I could have lead: Native American. Olympic swimmer. Angler. Plan crash survivor. Mermaid. It is safe to say solitude, introspection and a sense of independence were well tread paths in my youth.

I bristle when peppered with questions “Where are you going?” “Why?”  “What….why”..I’m certainly not used to having to involuntarily explain myself. To have someone know where I am every minute of the day. My host family probably has a 90% chance if they call anyone in town to know where I might have…

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