Truth …


Can only be discovered in stillness.
Stopping all motion to bathe in silence,
I discover no words, save those emanating
from my own unique perspective.

I am but a constellation of experience
as seen through the kaleidoscope of the mind,
which I subsequently and cavalierly dub reality.
But can any perception be consummately shared?

What is the arrow that strikes the core,
resonating between two like vibrato from the depths
of the cello’s richly toned strings,
but a commonly held notion tethered,
mind to mind,
linking us verbally, visually, sentimentally?

Thoughts are the first filter,
a lens through which we view the world.
Torched like dry leaves held to open flame,
words invariably follow, expressing comprehension
of that first expressive impulse
as they scatter and disintegrate
into ash upon a lilting breeze.

In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God;
though I still maintain
In the beginning was a vast, awestruck Silence,
and it is to this bountiful Emptiness
I shall one day return.

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8 thoughts on “Truth …

  1. ” I am but a constellation of experience”… these words are the ones which struck a cord with me.. Its all about experience, perception and how we perceive that Truth..

    In the Beginning that word was ‘Sound’ and its been discovered Light emits sound.. 🙂 Vibration.. So… As we resonate within our own ‘Sound’ Word, Vibration.. We are ALL of us Part of the WORD.. And silence as we go within is the Key to unlocking our Emptiness,
    For that I am sure Bela, We shall one day return..

    So loved your thoughts and thank you for allowing me to put down mine..
    _/\_ Blessings


    1. Sue, I do not disagree – note all my musical references 😉 I’ve actually heard what some term ‘the music of the spheres,’ so I know sound exists in silence – I’ve just never heard words, per se. Valuable insights, and thanks for sharing them.


    1. Thanks so much, Jack. However you express your appreciation is lovely for me. And yes, it is my experience that silence holds more on all levels than words, save one: that precious human interaction which seems to require words, even to describe times of stillness! Aloha, Jack.

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