The Soloist in Sukhothai

Another set of sterling observations from my daughter’s travels …



What is life without someone to share its experience with? Two adolescents cuddled together on a motorbike, out for lunch and a shared cigarette. Two lovers taking pictures at the wats – cheek to cheek- revelling in their luck to be here in Thailand with one another. A gaggle of 20-something girls, high on wearing baggy elephant print pants, in awe of a reality outside their dorms rooms and boyfriends left behind. An elderly couple meandering on cruiser bicycles, steeped in childhood memories, in ruins. The troupe of tourists led by a head with a microphone, cameras clinking on the rails of the mobile corral that sputters under their weight.

There’s a figure in the shady blanket of a stout banyan tree. Sipping the scene in. Are they lonely, tortured by the absence of their clan? Longing for the shared experience, reminiscing of days spent in the arms of a…

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