You like it, you do not –
I really don’t care
enough to stop writing
what comes through my hair
straight into my brain,
fixing there.

When shadows collect,
fester under the skin,
they erupt like a boil
leaking poison within.
I would much rather offer
my musings to you –
even have you reject them –
than to cleave self in two.

9 comments on “Itch”

  1. Compulsion come in so many forms. 🙂

  2. A true artist does not create for anyone, but for creation itself.

  3. Wow! This is an amazing poetic expression, Bela! You are so right, we need to spout our creative thoughts, not trying to please anyone but ourselves.

  4. I enjoyed this Bela… we each should scratch that urge we get.. and satisfy our cravings as we pen our words into being….
    Thank you for satisfying that itch.. 🙂

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