Tread lightly, there are many underfoot.
Just because they appear invisible
does not invalidate their existence.

Speak carefully, never knowing the power
behind words, once spoken.
Gulfs of projections and assumptions
often exist between a speaker’s mouth
and the minds of others.


13 thoughts on “Invisibles

  1. I think this is so wonderful how you incorporated good ways to believe, behave and speak while showing the beauty of the natural wonders here in the photograph. We need to not create gulfs, crevices or cracks between us, but try to get along, build bridges and ways to meet in the middle. “Tread lightly…” holds a beautiful message, Bela.

    1. Thanks so much! It’s easier for me to do this with nature and a bit trickier when pressed to respond to human beings who are being difficult. If I can simply withdraw, I will most likely choose to do so, just as when I can take my time with a response, it’s better all the way around. As a writer, I suspect I’m not alone in this 😉

  2. Sometimes, I barrel through and regret my words later. So, you are being the best kind of person, thinking and pausing before writing or speaking, Bela. I enjoy nature just in its simplicity and beauty. I like it when it is also used to portray a message as you did in this post. Thanks for feeling my posts were interesting!

    1. Yes, I’ve certainly had my share of times where something unintended has slipped from my lips. It’s usually not intended to do harm; rather, I’m not the best with words on my feet. Better at writing them 😉

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