How could a spirit prepare to come into the world
fully formed and armored,
Athena sprung from the head of Zeus?
How to conceive the weight of carapace needed
to ward off powers of intoxication
foisted by the damaged, visited upon progeny?

These are not pretty pictures to drag out in the open,
no glittering gold and jewels from the dragon’s lair;
however truth for many, as was for me.

No longer need I suffer, nor you,
once we set ourselves free from the delusions
acted upon by others drunk on their own demons.
Separation is painful.
Shackles, unbearably so.

And then the work begins in the mind,
tangles, snares, traps of all sorts
with intermittent slivers of light, always a way,
just stay with what comes and feel
the insubstantiality of thought,
memory trails like rising vapor,
burning off clean like morning dew.

The mind is a powerful thing.
Impressions invite intensity
then burst like a water blister,
sharp pain, followed by rapid healing.

D'Aulaire 3

9 thoughts on “Sprung

  1. Your poetry is great and creates exactly all the images and more, than the artwork. I liked the idea of ‘memory trails’ and ‘intermittent slivers of light.’ Wow, Bela, you have a wonderful way with words!

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