Canaries in the Mine

Searching the thesaurus to avoid duplication of the term sensitive only confirms cultural bias: touchy, hypersensitive, easy offended, easily upset, easily hurt (easy, easily, easily – thesaurus in need of a thesaurus), thin-skinned, defensive, paranoid, neurotic, uptight; difficult, delicate, tricky, awkward, problematic, emotive.

Perhaps if the world were wise, it would pay attention to sensitive human beings. It’s like a mental asylum out there. People jockeying to oppress newly liberated minorities. Folks clamoring to amass the most materiality before departing the planet, as if the ubiquitous they might miss their chance. Chemical companies competing to control the world’s food supply, bees dying by the millions, lobbyists greasing pockets of Senators, butting in line ahead of voters. Voices of The People stymied; small victories savored. Save the rivers, save the forests. What are our priorities as a species? What collective illusions are we laboring under?

We canaries detect the undercurrents, fragile plumage singed by flames long before they fan out on the evening news. Our bodies inform us daily of planetary imbalances. Sharing perceptions, only to discover ourselves discredited. Left brain right. Not sure what to do with impressions the right brain gathers, seeking answers. What is duty, purpose, path; floundering in a sea of indecision, knowing there are no shoulds?


11 thoughts on “Canaries in the Mine

  1. I think the canaries are more rare, sensitive people less and less. Not trying to disagree, but wish it were going towards more caring society, but there seem to be more callous people… I loved this post, it got me thinking and what a great image to attach to those who help us feel more in life. I believe you are a caring and compassionate canary, Bela!

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    1. Thanks, Robin. You know, just when I think that what you’re saying rings true, I meet someone who renews my faith in humanity, itself. And while these experiences may not significantly alter the trajectory of our species on this fragile planet, it continues to be a phenomenal journey. As always, thanks so much for reading and taking time and thought to comment. Makes it all worthwhile 💙


  2. I am so glad you received my opinion so graciously. I hope you are right, I would like the world to be filled with good, kind and caring people, Bela. Take care and thanks for the special heart. You are special, too.

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  3. So true, really, that people feel as though they cannot have enough of “things” to the exclusion of all else and what is important…people/the planet. I cannot say I understand but observing people and how it is they are is always something that gives pause for thought. Perhaps that is my degree in Sociology that is speaking. I look at life realistically and can’t help but wonder about the “whys” of it and that is something we may never know. Humans are an enigma at best. I could read your site all day but will come back and read more later.

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    1. Haha – I’m feeling the same about yours! While the dogs shift restlessly and the chickens call for my shovel and their worm adventures 😉
      Humans! Enigmatic! Yes!
      Thanks again, Renee, and blessings.


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