There are a hundred matters
one cannot un-do.

Frost’s forked path in the midst,
and I took the road less traveled.
What has it brought me, in the end?
What redemption, if not recognizing
the fullness of existence to the marrow
permeating all life?

Spirits lie shriveled and broken,
arise again during phoenix time,
and the roots that form,
a foundational goal toward which I aspire,
perceive how hearts ache in their absence.



8 thoughts on “GLIMMER

  1. I am so glad you wrote about this and thought about the subject of choices. I always like to add, that Robert Frost continues his poem to say, maybe he will take the other path another day. It adds dimension to the way we look at the poem, we can see we don’t follow just one path or choice, but make many and then, how did it affect our lives?

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