Waking Up in a Holiday Inn

We are so willing to click in and go for the ride.
Neurons firing and off we jettison
into yet another collective illusion
while the god of Abraham, bless his heart,
calls it good.
It’s all good.
The miracle of bodies in time and space.
Damn the consequences as,
iPhone in hand and television cranked,
we stride out blinking, blind as moles,
into fractured rays of the sun’s early light,
ignorant of it having risen
in the utter stillness of earth’s rotation
around a fiery halo.

15 thoughts on “Waking Up in a Holiday Inn

  1. Quite wonderful Bela; you move from the bleak mundanity of our preoccupations into the perspective of our humbling presence in the cosmos with such grace and eloquence. Many congratulations once again on your consistently exceptional work.

    Hariod ❀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We need to be closer to nature and turn off our media. Oh how expressive and powerful this sounds, Bela! You are such a courageous and outgoing person who makes me want to try harder to be like this! Smiles!

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