How can it be in this land of plenitude,
our fellows spilling out now
into city streets, smearing pristine glare
of glossy retail windows
with the crime of their insanity?

I walk and talk with open heart,
not from a place where vacant stares
meet hollow eyes;
hear his story, however true,
offer a meal he declines,
proud he is employed, no longer able
to dig holes, he says,
since someone crushed the back
of his skull with a rock.

Live long enough and it all seems plausible,
as we stroll along, talking unselfconsciously
in a throng of iPhone-toting trust fund youth,
oblivious to the suffering their lack of empathy
stamps securely on a world they inherit.


10 thoughts on “Streets

    1. Yes, Hariod. It’s always a bit jarring to leave the serenity of the island and stroll into an urban zone on the mainland. I’m always amazed at how pervasive certain elements of society are which so many choose to ignore. I realize it can be overwhelming, but ‘they’ are ‘us,’ and until we fully grasp this, I’m afraid the human race will become even more divisive than it already is. Being a child of the ‘sixties, unity was and still is a vision I hold for a better world. Aloha, and thanks as always for your kind words.

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  1. The photo and the sentiments in this thoughtful piece were very good. I like the way you mention people being oblivious to the scenery around them, the needs of others and how we need to be more caring and empathetic to the homeless and hungry, Bela. This was such a lovely piece of writing, my dear!


    1. Thank you, Robin. Your thoughts are always welcome. I don’t have ‘the answers,’ but I’m glad this pervasive issue is finding its way into mainstream media. “They” are “us,” in fact. We are all One, and these people emerge to give us the opportunity to better walk our talk. Or in this country especially, for those professing to be Christian, practice what Christ himself preached and demonstrated through his actions. The numbers of homeless and destitute keep escalating – so we’re going to have to figure out how to deal with it sooner or later.


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