How can one decide best for another?
I was born to embody my own desires.

My life is right for me alone.

It has not been easy, but does anyone
dance through this earth walk
who will not be transformed by it?


11 thoughts on “SIMPLE

  1. The ballet shoes painting is exquisite and your thoughts match this to explain how you feel about being here on earth. I feel we are all transformed, too. Wonderful and this is not the same thing, but I always loved the expression to “March to your own drummer.”

      1. Bela, I like the idea of a “lovely creative tapestry” with each person’s talents and gifts being woven together, while we openly share our thoughts and minds, too. What a beautiful world we would live in, free to express ourselves, as we were intended to.

    1. Hariod, I don’t think you’re off-track at all. I can’t remember what precipitated this little ditty, but your interpretation fits as well as any 🙂

      Perpetual peace and blessings, dear one.

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