It’s facile to ponder fault
in others whose treatment of us
seems appalling.

Then we glimpse suffering
in desperate animal eyes,
recognizing predatory illusion.

All the lessons of the Masters
fall deaf on ears that will not hear,
fearful eyes refusing to see

all the manifest Universe is God
or none of it is.


12 thoughts on “Tangential

    1. Yes, Hariod, I, too struggle with the term God, though its universal acceptance allows some latitude here. I tend more toward Oneness being the Isness of universes. At the same time, origins baffle me, and it is to the consciousness of origins, the genesis of consciousness that I assign the moniker. Aloha, and enjoy the day! ❤

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  1. Sometimes fault should be placed as blame should for those who are so wasteful and not deserving of the beauty of our earth. I feel this is a beautiful and forgiving post, Bela.


    1. Robin, thanks as always for your thoughtful feedback.

      I do feel we must collectively advocate for laws that promote conserving and protecting planetary resources. At the same time, to avoid utter frustration and despair at seeing individuals throwing rubbish by the roadside or demonstrating wanton greed at the expense of poor workers in desperate circumstances, I must continue cultivating patience by realizing that these aspects of humanity have always existed. History holds lessons for those with willing eyes and ears.

      All of the Masters taught love as the only way through our collective ignorance. If we love ourselves unconditionally, we may come to love others in the same manner. As we love others, we naturally nurture the environment that sustains us.
      Simply stated; arduous to contemplate the enormity of the challenge on a grand scale!

      Aloha, dear one, and enjoy your weekend!


  2. “All the lessons of the Masters fall on deaf ears”, Bella your poetry is deep as it explores the core of our many faults, too often we judge, condemn and cast a pointing finger at others.

    I hope that we see the suffering in others and that our compassionate thoughts led to actions which manifest Love and Harmony more upon this planet.. And that all whose eyes plead with us do not go unnoticed and their sacrifice was not in vain.

    Love and Blessings

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