Restriction is a mindset
borne of concrete and steel and stasis.
Seen and not heard. Sit still in school.
Conditioned respect a static response.

Still, wander out into the countryside,
its very nature abundance.
Just notice!

Trees swaying wildly,
birds warbling boundlessly,
feathers and songs and petioles
exploding iridescence, vibrancy,
syncopated symphony
of wind and rain and streaming light;

meanwhile a blazing orb of fire slips
into the sea, molten body
capturing breath,
slowing heart rate,
surging open ventricles
pumping vitality into eyes settling
into sockets of slumber, resting
in peaceful, ecstatic repose.


7 thoughts on “SQUEEZE

  1. Nature does soothe, calm and quiet me. I like to smell the woods, the sea and the flowers. I feel that tight spaces ‘squeeze’ me, while being out in a field or looking out over a lake or ocean makes me feel like the world is our oyster. Smiles, Robin


    1. Oh, Robin, I couldn’t survive in a city. Been a country girl most all my life. I need it for my sanity. Some people thrive on noise and distraction, but I am just the opposite. I love my own company, and I crave the quiet. Such bliss! Aloha, Bela


  2. This work has a wonderful, developing rhythm Bela, like a masterfully wrought concerto, accelerating in the third verse and relaxing again in the next; you take the reader along with you into nature, elevating the spirits then departing in reposeful splendour. Many congratulations, Hariod. ❤

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    1. Hariod, I love that you noticed my attempt to construct a little concerto out of words 😉 Classical music is a great love of mine, and, though I didn’t plan it at first, this piece took on those characteristics until I got on board with the inevitable. Blessings and many thanks, Bela

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