Cultivating Miracles

Nobody seems to like him much,
though after an attack of the heart
some slack is granted;
daughter tough as nails,
though some pierce the veneer
from time to tale.

Life sometimes works out this way,
leaving us defenseless
and knowing it, ever ready
to shadow box demons
of our own making, unaware;

yet just this morning I flagged
tractor and driver while
raising hand in greeting,
not having met the man
and, supplementing lambs and ewes
nutritious bounty from my garden,
unthinkingly left detritus in his field,
unscalable fence;

saying sorry, why, how,
please throw it back
into my considerable pile
of the large and rot worthy;

he rewards with broadened smile
creasing corners of mouth and eyes,
offering his own field as repository
for the entire mulch heap and more,
anytime, anytime;
inflating my heart to bursting
for the simple love of humanity.


9 thoughts on “Cultivating Miracles

    1. Thanks so much! It was simply something I had to write about, and the image, taken in the same backyard where I met him, seemed appropriate. How the light shines through, despite … 🙂 Aloha.


  1. My once neighbour, an arthritically crippled farming woman of 92 years no less, advised me as a youngster only ever to “speak as you find”. Over the following few decades I came to see that those four words contain a mountain of wisdom. H ❤


    1. Oh my gosh, what amazing wisdom for a child to absorb! We hear so many things over the span of a lifetime, and what sticks contributes more to the whole than any of us can likely imagine. Blessings on the day, Hariod! ❤

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  2. Sometimes we have to look deep within and often the light of another is revealed only when the shadows cease to cover their hearts, And often the heart needs a shake up for it to see the ‘Light’…

    Loved your words Bela.. and a beautiful Orchid and amazing to have in one’s back yard.. Wishing you a beautiful day.. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This man has a wonderful and warm heart. Isn’t it lovely to find this out, Bela? I am so glad it made your heart swell with happiness. Now, my heart is filled with smiles, laughter and joy, too. Love yours truly, Robin.


    1. Robin, it Is lovely to discover a person’s true nature rather than the facade we feel as though we must show the world, for whatever reason (defending our more vulnerable parts?). You are a sweetheart to notice, thank you!


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