Why grow impatient
at the dawning of a day loaned to us
in sequence of indeterminate length
while rushing sunset in earnest completion
of work for too little pay?

Life is a gift we open in the present,
hingeing on each moment eyes feast
upon splendor of sky, sea and meadow,
and for all we know will extinguish
without notice, curtain dropping
on this amazing collective illusion.

Kawaihae sunset sail

13 thoughts on “NOW

    1. Hariod, as usual, I couldn’t have described it better, myself. Our existence on this earth is indeed far more tenuous than most humans realize. We are extremely fortunate to have experienced it! ❤

    1. Renee, I’ve lived most of my life in awe of my surroundings. The other evening my husband and I drove down the road a bit to Pololu overlook. We live so close by, I almost have to pinch myself to remind myself to pay attention – this is unbelievably beautiful, and I don’t want to inure myself to its splendor! Aloha!

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