I will not flatter you with fiction
meant to prop up a flagging ego,
you are far grander than that
and anyway, you stand deservedly
in the light of my admiration.

Let us rather march resolutely
through the sucking mud and debris
of authentic attempts at bridging pleasantries
in order to arrive, at long last,
near the pristine headwaters of truth.



8 thoughts on “Source

  1. This is not flattery, this is fact there is truth in your words.
    The comments I get are encouraging and helpful in letting me know I am understood.
    Sometimes a little constructive criticism could be helpful.
    It would test my ego and if it passed that test I could work on my weaknesses.
    Commenting on your fantastic photo.
    Capturing so much of the seas beauty in one photo.
    The ripples, foam, the clear water breaking waves.
    A beautiful subject not often captured so well.
    One comment a judgemental critic would make is on the horizon.
    I should not be so critical as my ego wants me to be looked on as Mr Nice guy.

    1. Aloha, Jack! Thank you for your honest and careful feedback regarding this post, showing me you understand the impact of my words. Much appreciated.

      This photo was taken on the east shore of Kauai after a long, hot hike. And yes, the horizon is crooked 😉 I never noticed that before! Though the photo was extraordinary, taken as it was with my tiny camera. The water was so clear and clean, as it is throughout much of Hawaii.

      Enjoy the rst of your week!

      1. It is a really good photo of a subject I love.
        Some people get so technically involved taking photos they miss the actual experience. This photo told me you are not that kind of a person and the photo was your own as it was so good except for that horizon I thought it was.

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